• #4-3. Placenta Nutrition Therapy (PNT)



    Table 1. Comparing Melsmon and Laennec.


    Let’s talk about the risk of infection that many readers may be concerned about. First, the placenta is taken from only healthy females and go through anti-viral treatment. Then, it is only commercialized if the mother providing the placenta does not develop any infection while it is being stored in the powder form for 2 years. One can be assured of the safety as the final product is obtain through three safety-assuring stages.


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    Effects of PNT


    PNT has a widely varying effects and it is difficult to sum up in just a few words. Patients often want a simple response to this question and I tell them PNT is a very affordable type of stem cell therapy. The growth factors and other polymers contained in PNT enable its varying applications. As we know, growth factors are involved in regeneration of damaged tissues. Cytokines such as interleukin also bring effective anti-inflammatory action. PNT also contains many beneficial ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, hormones, etc. (Figure 2).


    Figure 2. Chemical components of PNT.


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