• #6-3. Ecodoc’s Smart Cocktail IVNT


    Cysteine is a component of glutathione, a widely used antioxidant. It can be called antioxidant amino acid.


       Cysteine has antioxidant action and various unique benefits that make it a better choice than glutathione in many cases. Cysteine has liver detoxifying effect. It reduces liver toxicity of acetaminophen. It also has antitussive, mucolytic and expectorant actions along with lung and renal protection. It is particularly beneficial in bronchitis, interstitial lung disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It also promotes release of insulin and strengthens blood vessels. Recently, cysteine’s benefits on brain functions and cerebrovascular health have been reported. It delivers acetyl to choline to further improve brain functions.


      The three ingredients used in IVNT can enhance the efficacy of Son’s Cocktail which adds licorice and garlic components to Myer’s Cocktail, as well as promote brain health. It can be called Ecodoc's Smart Cocktail. It also performs protective action on the lungs, liver and kidney. NAC is safe and beneficial in patients with weak bronchus functions.


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       We have briefly talked about Ecodoc's Cocktail. It is important to understand the unique characteristics of each ingredient but it is just as important to find new indications of IVNT by combining these ingredients. Including only necessary ingredients and removing unnecessary ones to Ecodoc’s concoction can help customize IVNT for various needs and indications.


    Below are basic recipes of concocting Ecodoc's cocktail.

    Ecodoc's 10 (Myer’s10)

    = N/S 250ml, vitaminC-10g, B complex 0.5A,1A of B5, B6, B12, each, 10% Mg 10ml, Ca 2ml, licorice 1Bt, garlic 0.5A, choline 1A, carnitine 1A, NAC 1A

    Ecodoc's 20 (Myer’s20)

    = N/S 250ml, vitaminC 20g, B complex 0.5A, 1A of B5, B6, B12, each, 10% Mg 10ml, Ca 5ml, licorice 1Bt, garlic 0.5A, choline 1A, carnitine 1A, NAC 1A

    Ecodoc's 30 (Myer’s30)

    = Distilled water 500ml, vitaminC 30g, B complex 0.5~1A, 1A of B5, B6, B12, each, 10% Mg-15ml, Ca-5ml, licorice 1Bt, garlic 1A, choline 1A, carnitine 1A, NAC 1A


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