• #3-1. Peeling Agents Effective in Acne Treatment


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    Effective Application of Jessner’s Solution


    Generally, in most cases, Jessner’s peel agents are either purchased or compounded. Jessner’s peel is a treatment for removal of superficial layers and is used mostly for skin with continuous acne recurrence. It is effective for treating shallow wrinkles, scars and for removing pigmentation of superficial layers.


    The Jessner’s solution is a peeling agent composed of 14g of salicylic acid, 14g of resorcinol, 14g of lactic acid in a 100 ml alcohol base. Due to concerns about the toxicity of resorcinol (allergic dermatitis, lower thyroid function, pigmentation, etc.), a modified Jessner’s solution is sometimes prepared using  8~10g of citric acid as a substitute of resorcinol. When preparing the solution directly, approximately 18g must be inputted, since the lactic acid is in a liquid state and includes water.


    The Jessner’s solution is sensitive to exposure to light and air and must be kept in a brown glass bottle.  The time of exposure to air should also be reduced to a minimum. Rather than using it immediately after the prescription is prepared, I recommended to wait for about 2 weeks to allow the ingredients to thoroughly mix. After some time, the color turns to light brown and the solution produces the characteristic smell of Jessner’s solution.


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    When small amount is applied, the Jessner’s peel acts deep between epidermis and papillary dermis by superficial peeling and does not cause over-peeling. Tingling and burning symptoms are produced after application of Jessner’s solution and it leads to better skin exfoliation than other agents. Recently, as there are many patients with sensitive skin, the modified Jessner’s solution is preferred to the normal Jessner’s solution, and there are also more cases when double amount of alcohol is used to make a ‘half Jessner’s solution’.


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