• #2-3. Introduction of Energy Vitamin B-Complex




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    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) will remind you of beriberi you learned as a student. Beriberi affects the cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and digestive system.


    Depending on the organs affected, beriberi is also called dry beriberi, wet beriberi, and cerebral beriberi.



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    Thiamine is known to be the most important vitamin for improving energy metabolism.


    Alcohol lowers the function of thiamine diphosphokinase (TPK), which is needed to absorb thiamine, and can cause severe thiamine deficiency in alcoholics.


    In severe cases, neuronal function is reduced, and brain diseases may be caused such as Wernicke encephalopathy.


    The thiamine, on the other hand, is easily excreted through the kidneys, and fortunately, hypervitaminosis is rare.


    Thiamine has several functions, but they can be classified into the following three types (Figure 4).


    1) Activation of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase (PDH)


    It is an enzyme that converts fibric acid (C3) to acetyl CoA (C2) in order to enter the TCA cycle during glycolysis.


    At this time, if thiamin is insufficient, it can be converted into lactic acid to produce fatigue-causing substances in muscles.






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