• #10-1. Q-switched Ruby Laser


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    Functions and types of Ruby Laser


    Q-switched Ruby Laser, like the Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers, is a non-ablative laser. It is a solid-state laser with the ruby crystal used as medium and produces a 694nm wavelength laser in the visible range.


    The 694nm wavelength has high absorbance for melanin, but very low absorbance for oxyhemoglobin and water(Figure 1).


    Therefore, its selective photothermolysis effect on melanin allows the side effects of superficial pigmented lesions to be minimized while providing effective treatment.


    Ruby Laser has the longest wavelength in the visible range and can reach a depth of 3-4 mm as it has a deep penetration depth. Therefore, it is also effective in treating dermal pigmented lesions such as ABNOM, Ota nevus, Ito nevus, and tattoo.



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    The existing Ruby Laser had the disadvantages of peak power with the pulse duration as long as 40-100ns and low device output and severe fluctuations in the output, as well as the large size of device.


    As a result, the fluence, applied to the lesion when shooting a shot, was not constant, which sometimes caused side effects. 


    The loading time was prolonged after the device was turned on. 



    Figure 1. Absorption coefficiency of Ruby Laser. 



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