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    If 1064nm wavelength laser beam is made to pass through the KTP medium when the 1064nm wavelength laser beam is released, the 532nm wavelength laser beam used to remove brown superficial pigments, such as freckles and red blemish, can be generated.


    As the 532nm wavelength is half the 1064nm wavelength, it is also called 'Frequency Doubled Nd:YAG Laser'.



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    In the electromagnetic spectrum, various wavelengths with different functions, such as infrared, X-ray, gamma rays, and radio, are present.


    All wavelengths are classified based on the measurements of wavelength and frequency.


    Frequency refers to the number of electromagnetic waves per second and is measured in Hertz. Wavelength refers to the actual distance between the two highest points of a wave, and some waves can be shorter than the size of an atom or longer than the diameter of a planet.


    Shorter wavelengths result in higher frequencies and higher energy (Figure 2).



    Figure 2. Wavelength and frequency of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. 



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