• [Exhibition Information] MEDRO MEDICAL will introduce various products and services at ‘KIMES 2014′

    MEDRO MEDICAL(www.medro.net) participates in ‘KIMES 2014(Korea International Medical & Hospital Show, Korea, www.kimes.kr/eng)’.


    MEDRO MEDICAL has launched Atlas XL, a vascular laser. MEDRO MEDICAL is introducing their 2014 new products Traser™, Inus™, Freezen™, Omega 6™, and Omnipeel™. Also their hot products Atlas, Laxity™, Arneb™, Matrixell and APL™ will be introduced in ‘KIMES 2014’.


    ■ MEDRO MEDICAL Booth No. A641


    ■ Products (Click image for detail specifications)


    (1) Atlas (Optically Pumped Semicondutor Laser(OPSL)&940nm Diode Dual laser)


    (2) APL™


    (3) Traser™ (Hi-FU)

    (4) Inus™ (Fractional Micro Neddle RF +Vacuum) (5) Freezen™ (RF,Electroporation,Iontophoresis,LF,MF)

    (6) Omega 6™ (Unipoar 20MHz Micro Neddle RF)

    (7) Omnipeel™ (Synergy Micro peeling system) (8) Laxity™ (Versatile Parameter IPL Bible system)

    (9) Arneb™ (Hi-Power 915nm Diode Laser + Bi-Polar RF + Pneumatic)

    (10) Matrixell (2940nm Er:YAG Laser)  

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