• [N-Lifting] PDO Treatment with Physics II

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    Derma-spring used in Newton Lifting is a spring-like thread made of PDO thread constructed by means of a special construction method. As a spring restores its original form after being stretched because of its elasticity, Derma-spring also restores its original form when inserted in tissues, which prompts more physical stimulation. Strong physical stimulation in tissues leads to the production of more granulation tissues and collagen by mechanotransduction and the force and volume are created towards lifting vector.

    As for the difference from the existing braided thread, Derma-spring has higher elastic modulus. Thus the thread stimulates the tissues stage by stage from a region where thread is inserted and the strength of stimulation increases, which eventually makes the collagen with the thickness of Derma-spring. As a result, it is expected to produce more than 5times the amount of collagen produced by the existing normal plane PDO when comparing both in diameter.


    N-Cog in mice test



    Figure 2-1. Bidirectional Cog : In a region where the thread was inserted, severe wrinkle occurred, which led to asymmetric and irregular folding of skins.


    Figure 2-2. Multidirectional N-Cog : From a region where the thread was inserted to a region where the end of thread was located, no wrinkle occurred whereas the shape of flat plate was formed inside the skin tissue through the distribution of appropriate force.


    N-Lifting : Jowl Line


    Insert 13 cm 3-0 bidirectional cog PDO in temporalis side and let the end of thread be placed at the corner of mouth and an extension line from earlobe.

    N-Lifting : Labiomental Fold

    Insert 13 cm 3-0 bidirectional cog PDO in front of earlobe and let the end of thread be placed at 1cm past the boundary of smile lines.

    N-Lifting : Nasolabial Fold

    Insert 13 cm 3-0 bidirectional cog PDO in front of ear and the upper boundary of zygomatic arch and let the end of thread be places 1cm before the boundary of nasolabial fold.

    N-Lifting : Malar Augmentation

    Insert 7cm 5-0 Plane PDO or 10 Derma-spring in one cheek to periorbita at the interval of 1cm.


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