• [Product Review]N-COG, Y-Ko of N-Cog Nose Treatment using PDO Threads



    Women are selfish. Especially the women in Japan always try to hide that they've gone through cosmetic procedures for their beauty enhancements. We cannot describe them with any other words than 'selfish'. Not only should they not experience any swelling or pain, but if they see a slightest hint of swelling, the clinic suffers from the merciless ringing of the phone the following day. They even cry over the phone devastated by the unexpected consequence of swelling. But after a few weeks when the swelling calms down, their helpless voice vanishes and their enthusiasm kicks back in to start picking on the smallest things they could find to get fixed.


    Swelling is only acceptable when minimal. Rather than going on the irrevocable path by choosing extreme treatments or surgeries, it is better to fulfill 80% of satisfaction first and get additional treatments later. Korean patients seem more tolerant of the swelling or internal bleeding. But Japanese cosmetic medical treatments are somewhat more complex. Even in this country of picky ladies, minimal invasive thread treatments are being actively performed. The reason is to satisfy the fussy and self-centered characteristics of the women in Japan.


    In the private hospital operated by this writer is experiencing more requests for the use of the threads. Thus, it generates a fixed income for hospitals allowing a mutual victory for both patients and the hospital. The thread treatment not only fulfills the 'selfishness of women' but also fulfills the 'selfishness of the hospital'.


    The product that felt acceptable to our strict eyes was the N-Cog from the N-Finders. The N-Cog has become popular that it is now recognized as the representative of the Cannula Type Cog Thread. Recently a thread for nose, Y-Ko, was also launched and now the threads are more frequently replacing the rhinoplasty.


    Y-Ko of N-Cog Nose Treatment using PDO Threads


    Treatments using Y-ko released from the N-Cog can satisfy both patients that are for or against the surgical treatment. The effects of augmentation can be expected by inserting several threads which can create tissues and produce cartilage at the tip of the nose. In addition, injecting threads leads to production of the fibers such as collagen. When placed between the cartilage or above, it gives a consistent stimulation triggering a physical response and delaying of the consistent regeneration response altogether. The newly made fibers form a connection with the surrounding layer of collagen helping it redesign a natural looking nose.


    The multi-directional cog design of the Y-ko allows almost no possibility for the 2nd deviation. It minimizes the risks of side effects and complications including, dispersion of cartilage caused by inflammation, and makes it more convenient and safe as the thread thickness and length are measured in accordance with the nose length and the nasal septum. 


    Figure 1. Y-ko case 1: before, after.


    Figure 2. N-Cog case 2: before, after.


    Article/Yuka Yoshida, M.D., Director, Hamori Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic

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