• [Issue] High End User Interview I

    Continued from the previous article, we have devoted another aritlce to showcasing honest user reviews on the picosecond laser.

    Picosecond lasers currently available are:PicoWay, PicoSure, Discovery Pico, Enlighten, and Picocare. We have met with the high-end customers who have multiple picosecond laser devices in their practice to discuss why they purchased these high cost devices. We also heard from them the advantages and disadvantages of the picosecond laser and special techniques/protocols for improving the outcome. We hope this can help the readers who are considering adding the picosecond laser to their armamentarium.

    PicoWay: Dr. Gyung-ryul Leeof Skinda Dermatology

    Picocare: Dr. Min-ho Lee of Bestop Clinic

    PicoSure: Dr. Sam-sik Shinof Gwang-ju Clear-Skin Dermatology

    Discovery Pico: Dr. Sung-jae Yoonof Apgujeong Leaders Dermatology


    Enlighten: Dr. Sang-ho Yoon of Daniel Plastic Surgery


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    Whydid you choose PicoWay among the many picosecond lasers you tried out?

    I did not need an alexandrite laser in my practice. I thought the 1064nm wavelength was the best for pigmented lesions. I was waiting for the release of the 1064nm picosecond laser and did not feel confident about the 750ps range. These were my concerns regarding purchasing a picosecond laser: manufacturers often do not verify that each device actually performs at the specifications that they claim. This was the same for the Q-switched laser. One American laser manufacturer said the pulse duration varies depending on the energy level and provided information on pulses produced at different outputs. For this reason, I was not fully convinced of the difference between the ps and ns lasers. Then, SyneronCandela released a 450ps picosecond laser. They were the last among major international manufacturers to release the device.


    I could not confirm whether the device lived up to the 450ps claim as I was not provided with accurate information. However, I wanted to get the device with the shorted pulse duration possible. I was also won over by the trustworthy brand of Syneron Candela. I was very satisfied with the technology and stability of my previous purchases from them. I am excited that the PicoWay will be equipped with 785nm and300psin the near future. The unique advantage of PicoWay is the tri-beam. It has completed a 1-year clinical trial in the United States and my practice is the very first in Asia to introduce this device. One can say that my practice shares the same fate asPicoWay. I am convinced that PicoWay will help me take the lead in this market.


    What are your thoughts on current picosecond lasers not being in the true picosecond range?

    I cannot sit idle and wait until the true picosecond laser is developed. I pride myself in being at the forefront of this new market and I feel the need to have the 450ps device, which is the most high-end laser device a private practice can have at this point. We also need to think about the real impact of having a shorter pulse duration. There is a 100ps device already available but the at this level, the light energy createsgas plasma which can cause side effects.


    What are the benefits of the Q-switched laser?

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