• Choi OKyu M.D.

                       The Chairman of Global Asthetic Plastic Surgery Group

                                                    The President of KSAPS(korean Society for Asthetic Plastic Surgery)(2015)

          Dr. O.K.CHOI. M.D., & Ph.D.


    Name : O Kyu Choi, M.D.,&Ph.D.

    Sex : Male

    Date of Birth : June 24, 1957

    Licence Number of Doctor in Korea : No. 23721

    Licence Number of Plastic Surgery Specialist in Korea : No.200


    My subspecialty mainly is Face  Lifting, Eye, Breast field.

    In my(Global Plastic Group) Clinic,set up  Antiaging center and Stem cell Research and Aesthetic center

    for aesthetic treatment-scalp hair and face rejuvenation.

    During my work in  my private clinc (1990-2017 present now ), foreign patients are especially china in-

    bounding &out-bounding and several countries(HongKong,Taiwan,Malayesia,Japan,Vietnam,Indonesia,

    Taiwn,UAE,Russia etc)

    I have done a lot of cosmetic surgeries, usually over 2,000 cases per year(until now over 30,000cases).

    Especially in eye surgery – Blepharoplasty & especially secondary difficult case &Lower Blepharoplasty

    ( Eye bag surgery )— very excellent result . Also  a lot of experiences of Breast Surgery & Augmentation, Reduction — good result and patients were extremly satisfied.

    At recent, specially, developed New concept face-lifting surgery & proudly called at first of the Global

    World , “ i-Face Lifting”. It consists of classic high SMAS Face  Lifting + SMAS Graft + my clinic Specified STEM CELL therapy .Those cases which have operated about 100 patients over all the world were

    extremly satisfied ,when I reviewed my entire ps surgeon life.And  also I have been presentation for the

    academic society and case report on RUSSIAN PLASTIC COSMETIC ANTIAGING CONFERENCE in Saint. Peterburg and KOREAN ANTIAGING CONFERENCE in Seoul Korea.

    I thought that I have finished and experienced  nearly all kind of plastic surgeries and nowadays put on

    Priority to anti-aging and stem cell treatment field by”i-Face Lift”, eye,hair and breast surgery, in global





    1976. 03 ~ 1982. 02 :Graduated at Catholic Medical College , Seoul, Korea

    1982. 03~ 1983.02  : Internship, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,

                                St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic Medical College, Seoul, Korea

    1983. 03 ~ 1987 . 02 : Resident Surgeon, Department of Plastic &Reconstructive Surgery,

                                 St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic Medical College, Seoul, Korea

    1990. 05 ~ 2009. 04 : The Chairman of Dr.Choi's Aesthetic Plastic Surgical clinic,

                                 Ap Gu Jung Street, Seoul, Korea ( Private clinic )

    2009. 05 ~ Present ; The Chairman of Global Plastic Surgical Clinic ,Ap Gu Jung Street, Seoul, Korea

                              (Global Plastic Group  )

    2009. 09. 01 ~ Present : Associate Director of External Affairs  

                                  St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic Medical College, Seoul, Korea 

    2014.04.01 ~ 2015.03.31 : The President of THE KOREAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY(2015)

    2017.02.01 ~ present : The chairman of Catholic University Medical Alumni Assocition


    - Graduated from Catholic University, School of medicine.

    - Catholic University, School of medicine St. Mary’s Hospital,
      plastic surgery residency.

    - Professional qualification of plastic surgeon.

    - Catholic University Graduate School of Medicine Dr.

    - The Korean Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons
      full member.

    - The Korean Cleft Plate-Craniofacial Association full member.

    - The Korean Society for Surgery of hand full member.

    - The Korean Association of Plastic and Reconstructive
      Surgeons full member.

    - ICPRAS full member.

    Before) Vice-president of Gangnam-gu Medical association.

    Before) 2014 Chairman of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery full member.

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