• Chu Hong, Ph.D.

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    Chu Hong, Ph.D.


    LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd.

    Seoul, Korea


    ■ e-mail: hongchu@laseroptek.com

    ■ Website: http://www.laseroptek.com/


    "Chu Hong, Ph.D., CEO of LASEROPTEC Co., Ltd. (Korean Medical Laser company), is a doctor of science who majored in laser. He developed XeCI Excimer laser and Er:YAG laser for the first time in Korea and has been registered in an International Biographical Centre(who’s who in the world)."


    [Academic background & Professional occupations]

    1996.2 : Ph.D. Laser Physics, Inha university

    1985.2~1989.2 : Research scientist, Applied Optics, KAIST

    1989.3~2002.10: Senior research scientist, Photonics Research Center, KIST

    1998.10~1999.12:Post-doctoral fellowship, Photonic Research Center, University of Connecticut(USA)

    2000.7~present : CEO, LASEROPTEK


    [Published Articles]

    Hong Chu, et al. "Polarization-independent acousto-optically tuned spectral filter with frequency shift compensation", IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett., vol.14, pp 944-946, July 2002.

    ■ Besides announced 27 articles domestically and internationally


    [Membership in professional organizations]

    Member of OSK

    Member of IEEE



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