• Min Kyungsik, M.D.

    Min Kyungsik, M.D.


    Hayannara Dermatology Clinic

    Cheongju, Korea


    ■ Website: www.minskin.co.kr


    [Academic background & Professional occupations]

    1983. 03. Admission College of Medicine, Hallym University

    1990. 02. Graduation and Acquire of Medical license

    1990.03-1991.02 Internship; Hangang Secret Heart Hospital

    1991.03-1995.02 Residency of Dermatology; Hangang Secret Heart Hospital

    1992.03-1996.02 Graduate school; Dermatology, College of Medicine, Hallymu niversity


    1. Law director of AKD

    2. Law committee member of KDA

    3. General director of KLA


    [Published Articles]

    1. The Immunohistochemical Study of bcl-2 and p53 Expression of Pilomatricoma.

    2. Histopathologic features of squamous cell carcinoma

    3. A case of persistent pustulosis and antecedent scabies.

    4. A case of lobulated intradermal nevus with satelite lesions



    [Membership in professional organizations]

    1. Korean Dermatologic Association(KDA)

    2. Association of Korean Dermatologist(AKD)

    3. Korean Dermatological Laser Association

    4. Korean Cosmetic Dermatological Association.

    5. Korean Laser Association(KLA)

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