• #7-3. Organic Cosmetics


    DERMAFIRM is an organic cosmetic product produced by Dermafirm. This product contains natural herbal ingredients and peptides with excellent efficacy. It contains no antiseptics, artificial colorings or fragrances.

    Innocosma releases organic cosmetic products including the popular A24 line. They are planning to introduce to the Korean market the DRJ brand that is gradually increasing in market share in the US. Innocosma’s DRJ brand consists of two product lines of DRJ ORGANIC CARE and DRJ SKIN CLINIC. The ORGANIC CARE line includes 24 organic products with USDA ORGANIC certification.



    ROYAL NATURE released T-700, a deep cleansing line containing herbal ingredients grown in the clean fields of Gangwon area. The T-700 deep cleansing line includes Cleansing Soft Oil Gel and Cleansing Soft Foam. T-700 Deep Cleansing Soft Oil Gel is gently absorbed into the skin to thoroughly clear away make-up products and impurities. It is a cleanser that offers the added benefits of brightening, moisturization and exfoliation. Its mild cleansing action is particularly beneficial for dry or trouble-prone skin and helps restore the skin’s natural clarity. It contains lavender flower water, macadamia oil, and sunflower seed oil, etc. and provides non-sticky moisturization and mild exfoliation. T-700 Deep Cleansing Soft Foam with mask effect generates foam upon application on the skin that mildly clears away impurities without friction. It contains lotus flower water and madecassoside which provide gentle but thorough cleansing. It also contains limetree water, a raw ingredient certified by Ecocert, a French certification body of organic cosmetics. It creates fine and rich lather that works as a cleanser as well as nutritious facial mask.

    Emma Organic produced by Baby Organic is an organic cosmetic product that was released some time ago. Emma Organic restores the skin’s natural strength and health with proven moisturizing and regenerative effect of herbs. Emma Organic contains natural ingredients such as rose hips oil, chamomile, calendula, rosemary, biodynamic avocado oil, Esuiseyum hyemale, evening primrose oil, lavender essential oil, Australian kakadu plum, quilaya root, rainforest lime, lemon, myrrh, and biodynamic macadamia oil, etc. It also contains a natural antiseptic to minimize side effects. Key product lines include a cleanser, revitalizing mask, facial moisture day & night, organic rose hips oil, nourishing organic rose hips oil, etc.


    SMOOTH LINER(Subcision RF System) - Manufacturer: DANIL SMC(www.danilsmc.com)


    Elang, JNC, and Korea Kolmar, etc. are also among manufacturers of organic cosmetic products.

    As organic cosmetics are more widely used, dermatologists need to know the basics of this new area of cosmetics. The next article will take a brief look at cosmetic products made with oriental medicinal herbs.


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