• #6-2. Types and Components of Hair Dyes


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    DIY hair dye types


    As many DIY hair coloring products have become available, the hair coloring market seems to have expanded. The Korean market has seen popularity of products such as Mise en Scene, Elastine, Seven Eight, Flower Men, and Bigen Cream Tone, etc.

    Seven Eight Mild Color Cream, a new DIY hair dye product was recently released by a leading hair product manufacturer. This product is a neutral hair dye produced with three patented technologies; neutral hair dye ingredients, scalp protecting agent, and dye penetration enhancer, etc. Unlike the traditional, strong alkali hair dyes that incur hair damage, this product has the advantage of reducing hair damage and scalp irritation. Bubble&B is a foam type hair dye released by the same manufacturer. Simply lathering up the hair with this product effectively colors the hair making it very convenient for consumers to dye their own hair at home.


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    The biggest problem with hair dyes is the risk of contact dermatitis. The patch test of skin allergies is used to examine contact allergies from hair dye. The patch test can be performed before hair coloring to prevent development of contact dermatitis. Create a test solution mixing the developer and coloring agent in the ratio of 1:1. Apply a small amount (size of a coin) of the test solution on the inner arm or the hairy patch of the skin behind the ear. Leave for 48 hours and when no reactions have occurred, the product is safe to use.

    Herb Speedy is a new hair darkening product for graying hair that minimizes side effects and allows quick coloration in only 10 minutes. Herb Speedy shortens the duration of dye application of at least 40 minutes to 10-20 minutes and the color survives twice as long as regular dyes. This product is expected to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis due to shorter application time.

    Those allergic to the dye agent had no choice but to never color their hair or use the cumbersome natural dye. Previous oxidation dyes contained chemicals such as PPD and other skin irritants including ammonia. Herb Speedy contains naturally derived ingredients such as pyrogallol and iron fixative to reduce risk of allergies. People with lacquer allergy or sensitive skin could now safely color their hair using Herb Speedy.


    Pyrogallol is a substance derived from the bark of chestnut or oak trees. This plant-derived ingredient not only effectively colors hair but protects the skin as well. Iron fixative has been used as a fabric dye to darken the color for 2,000 years. Its safety has been established in ancient literature. According to Oriental literature, an ancient compendium of Korean traditional herbs, it is also listed as a detoxifying substance. Besides the above two ingredients, Herb Speedy also contains extracts of five medicinal herbs such as Sophora flavescens Aiton, Paeoniae Radix, ginseng, green tea and Glycyrrhizae Radix, etc. It provides nutrition to the hair and scalp as well as prevent hair loss.

    Confume has recently entered the market to consumers’ interest. Unique characteristics of this product are the coffee aroma and hypoallergenic ingredients. As it does not drip from the hair, it can be conveniently used on longer hair. It is also a foam type and can be easily used as a shampoo to achieve coloration. Add the developer and coloring agent in the ratio of 1:1 in the mixing bowl. Stir to create rich foam and gently massage onto the hair. Leave in for a few minutes and thoroughly rinse to achieve the desired color.

    It offers the advantage of very easy use to allow consumers to color their own hair at home. Confume is ideal for those who do not like the strong scent of ammonia. It does not contain ammonia and other chemical irritants such as PG, GAS, silicone, benzophenone, etc. Coffee extracts (coffee flavor) are added to make the coloring process aromatic and pleasant. It is mild and non-irritant to the hair and scalp. Herbal ingredients such as green tea and chamomile flower extracts, etc. protect and moisturize the hair to maintain the health of hair long after coloration.


    Richenna Easy Speedy Perfume Hair Color is a convenient DIY hair dye that contains perfume. The strong chemical odor of a regular hair dye is replaced by pleasant aroma. Richenna Easy Speedy Perfume Hair Color has pleasant jasmine scent which lingers after the coloration process. Mixture of the high-density gel type agents can be applied as a shampoo. The rich foam helps easy distribution over the entire hair and does not drip or cause stains. A self-coloring beginner can conveniently color his or her own hair in only five minutes. It effectively strengthens weakened hair with henna extracts, silk protein identical to 16-amino acid peptide found in human hair, medicinal herbal extracts such as red ginseng, mugwort, and Swertia japonica Makino, aloe vera as well as oil complex of camellia, jojoba, and almond. Herbal complexes such as lavender water and cornflower water further moisturize the color treated hair. Henna extracts contain 12 times higher lawsonia (marker compound of henna) than other hair dyes, enabling stronger coloration. As it does not contain ammonia, it does not have the foul odor and causes little irritation to the eyes and scalp.

    B Happy Eco Color Cream is a hair dye product from the same producer as Richenna Easy Speedy Perfume Hair Color. It brings natural and vivid coloration. It minimizes damage to the hair with herbal ingredients such as cornflower water and lavender water, etc. as well as carefully selected nourishing ingredients. It helps maintain the healthy glow and moisture of the hair. Lack of ammonia makes the coloring process more pleasant without the strong odor or stinging of the eyes. Mix the equal amounts of two agents in the mixing bowl and apply the mixture onto hair. Leave in for 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water and finally shampoo the hair. As the developer and coloring agent are both cream types, it is convenient to use and does not drip or spatter.

    As interest about popular hair dyes is growing, this article presented basic and common data on hair dye products. New products are expected to provide alternative solutions to the problems inherent in traditional hair coloring agents.


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