• #7-2. Organic Cosmetics


    We tend to assume that organic cosmetics are safer and more beneficial to the skin as they contain natural ingredients. However, the reality does not always live up to this expectation. Around 10 to 30 substances are combined in an organic product, which raises the question of safety.

    A Government Public Institute of Health and Environment examined 218 types of residual pesticides and 7 types of preservatives contained in 56 cosmetic products marketed as organic. It was found that three products had higher than acceptable contents of residual pesticides. An anti-aging toner had 0.55 ppm of permethrin, a peppermint powder product had 11.7 ppm of tricyclazone, and an organic oil product had 0.0473 ppm of malathion.


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    On top of the safety issues of organic cosmetics, there is another problem of false and exaggerated advertising. Post-marketing management is needed through a designated certification authority. Korea Consumer Agency examined the integrity of advertisements and claims of 50 organic cosmetic products currently available in the market and found that 35 products violated the KFDA guidelines on organic cosmetics advertising. The most common type of violation was failure to clarify the content of the organic ingredients, followed by misleading description of organic ingredient content. Some products had inadequate content of organic ingredients.


    Types of organic cosmetic products


    Despite these shortfalls, organic cosmetic products are in great demand. Let’s take a look at some of the new organic products released in the market.

    Amore Pacific’s organic brand of Primera, that offers products containing germinated seed ingredients, has recently released a new anti-aging serum called Super Sprout Serum. Primera’s Super Sprout Serum delivers potent antioxidative action of the so-called ‘super seeds’ of germinated black rice, black beans and black sesame. It is advertised to vitalize the skin, clarify the skin tone and bring new energy to the fatigued skin. This product was produced in observance of KFDA guidelines against harmful chemicals such as dioxane, paraben, animal derived raw materials, minerals, and tar color additives, etc.


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