• #2-2. Added indication: Lower eyelid fat removal



    The lower eyelid fat is different from abdominal fat in composition. The lower eyelid contains three fat pockets; medial, central, and lateral pockets. The medial pocket, again, differs from the other two in terms of composition, judging from its whiter coloration. Therefore, I had to find the unique melting point of the lower eyelid fat. The needle length, RF intensity, and duration of exposure to electric current, etc. should be varied based on the fat composition. To identify these parameters, I had to test out different levels on real under eye fat tissues but I could not perform tests on patients.


    I started collecting the removed fat tissues from surgical lower eyelid fat removal procedures and performing experiments. Medical device manufacturers are often unable to carry out such experiments using real human tissues. This was possible for AGNES as the developer was also a clinician.


    To determine the appropriate length of the needle, I measured the distance from the skin surface to the orbital septum. There were studies that measured the depth of the skin in this area but no study has measured the distance from the skin surface to the orbital septum. I had to create this data from scratch. I used a precision ultrasound measurement device (in micrometers) and measured several men and women volunteers. I obtained the mean value and determined the appropriate lengths of the needles and insulation.  



    Figure 1. Anatomy of the lower eyelid.


    Figure 2. Before and after lower eyelid fat removal. Before procedure. Three weeks after 1st procedure. Three months after 2nd procedure. Two years after 2nd procedure.  


     The lower eyelid fat removal with AGNES consists of two steps. First, the W needle designed for eyelid wrinkle removal is used to tighten the loose skin in the area. The W needle does not burn the skin surface as the needle shaft that touches the epidermis and upper dermis is insulated. The non-insulated lower part of the needle that comes in contact with the lower dermis contracts the dermis to promote collagenesis and straighten wrinkles. In other words, this new patented technology of the W needle was developed to bring safe tightening of the eyelid skin that is less than 1mm thick.  


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    In the second phase, the F needle is used to tighten the loose orbital septum and burn the fat pad. The F needle has the total length of 5mm. It penetrates the orbital septum and inserts into the lower eyelid fat. 


    The lower eyelid fat that protrudes outward due to aging and gravity, can be corrected by tightening the orbital septum and surrounding skin layers. On top of its excellent tightening effects, AGNES burns the lower eyelid fat to bring effective and safe fat removal.


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