• #2-1. CRM Marketing of Gowoonsesang Dermatology II


    Gowoonsesang Dermatology Network started CRM as the first in the medical field. We have made various attempts up to ‘making loyal customer' stage, the core goal of CRM. Since the introduction of CRM by Gowoonsesang was successful, other hospitals began to pay attention to CRM.

    There have been requests for CRM lectures in many places but were hesitant to give lectures. In fact, what we get from CRM has become an important competitiveness of our hospital, so we also wondered if it is right to tell the know-how. Moreover, Gowoonsesang was investing enormous funds such as consulting costs of several tens of million won a year and hiring two dedicated programmers. However, I decided to give a lecture on the idea that we should do better and that the value I believe will help the medical community. In the medical management course of Seoul National University and in front of employees of University Hospital, I introduced and educated medical CRM.


    However, at that time CRM seemed unfamiliar, so it was not easy for doctors to understand the lectures. In fact, it took many years for CRM to be actively introduced into the medical community.

    CRM is a broad concept across management activities, and is different from the marketing methods available in a two-hour lecture. First of all, the owner or the representative must have mind set with CRM, and after that, all the employees should cooperate and take their time and effort to work properly. As the data is accumulated through such processes, customer satisfaction increases and loyal customers increase. Creating loyal customers is a series of processes, and as the number of loyal customers increases, hospital operates more reliably. That is, it takes a lot of time to get CRM to work properly.


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    Analysis and Response of Departing customers

    In fact, it was actually crazy to have to do things such as hiring computer programmers to develop CRM and getting consulting at the cost of tens of millions of won every year. However, I found it very interesting to study CRM and apply it to the hospital rather than to be cost effective. As a result, thanks to CRM, Gowoonsesang Dermatology became a hospital network with many loyal customers, and a friendly image and a high-quality brand image could be created, and the staff members could not help but like it. It seems that CRM has been a great force in the growth of Gowoonsesang Dermatology Network. And we hired two in-house lecturers for CS (Customer Satisfaction Service Training) to enhance CRM effectiveness. The CS instructors continued their education trip to more than 10 branch hospitals every morning. As the network grows, there were about 300 employees. When new employees joined the company, they have to receive CS education for three days before the job training. 


    -To be continued

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