• #2-4. CRM Marketing of Gowoonsesang Dermatology II


    Cause Analysis of Consultation Failure


    It is important to have good counseling in the hospital, but more importantly, to find the cause of the counseling failures. There are many hospitals that measure the consultation completion rates. But whose completion rates are higher means not so much, anyway. It is more meaningful to find out after a patient has consulted, "Why did you just go?"


    For this reason, the follow-up to the departure customer analysis was 'Analysis of cause of consultation failure'. There are a number of reasons for the failure, such as: the price is not right, the treatment time is much longer than you thought, it disturbs your daily life, or the house is too far away, or you just come by to compare costs. Such groups were also made into lists and categorized by category. Then, when the consultation failed, I made a manual that could deal with this type of cause. The manual was shared with the counselor of each hospital and educated. Then I shared the case of overcoming counseling failure. I made a follow-up call and asked, "Why did you just go after consulting?" And when the patient came back and received the treatment, I accumulated data every month to see what was the important point.



    In fact, people who have too high a consultation completion rate may have problems. In other words, over-recommendation or unnecessary suggestion can happen. In this case, the customer relationship should not be long-lasting and should be included in the monitoring target. Ultimately, the trust of the customer is not only the results of the reliable treatment, but also because the patient has appropriated the necessary treatment appropriately and satisfied with the service. It’s a total package. That leads to loyal customers.


    It is an era in which it is not differentiated from other hospitals simply because the Botox injections are well placed or the moles are nicely removed. We should continue to strengthen our relationship with our customers to create loyal customers, analyze why they are leaving, and try to recapture customers and find out what went wrong during the analysis process. By fostering loyal customers and preventing churner customers, the health of the hospital and the relationship with the customers will be improved and be able to last for a long time.


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    Cross selling, Up selling


    Cross-selling and up selling are among CRM techniques. For example, epilation patients and acne patients receive different treatment items, but their needs overlap. There is a high probability that acne will be present in a hair removal patient. If you have a lot of male hormones, female’s hair can become thicker. For cross selling, the patients who do not receive acne treatment are extracted from the epilation patient database. Provide the customer with information about acne by letter or email. This increases the likelihood of getting acne treatment. This is cross selling.


    Upselling is, for example, that a middle-aged person scales or whitens to improve skin texture, then goes up to expensive procedures such as lifting and Ulthera.  However, this should be careful because if it is wrong, it may be a case to force unnecessary treatment. That will result in short-term sales, but in the long run you can lose patients. In the preceding article, I showed that CRM is not just about market share, but about customer's LTV (Life Time Value). It is a big loss in the long run if you lose the LTV of the customer after compelling unnecessary procedures. Therefore, the recommendation of up-selling should be cautious about customers' needs and needs.


    Finally, the most important emphasis in establishing and establishing CRM is not to rely on computer programs but to educate employees to have a CRM mindset. This is because customers can feel it. Therefore, the mind and will of the owner are the most important. There is a high probability that the director will waste money only if he or she does not have a clear understanding of CRM and a mind to create loyal customers.


    -To be continued

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