• #2-5. A Peeling Agent Effective for Acne Treatment


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    Hydroxy Acid Peeling treatment method


    Cleansing must be performed before peeling treatment.


    Sebum must be removed using alcohol or acetone.


    GA or SA is applied with cotton swabs, and the peeling solution is then removed after 30~ 60 seconds.


    If a tingling sensation occurs, a fan or cool cloth can be used to alleviate the symptoms.


    If the treated area turns very red, it should be washed immediately. A counteragent (normally sodium bicarbonate) can be used to neutralize the symptom.



    A burning sensation can occur after peeling and it is important to cool the area for approximately 5~10 minutes. Care regimen after the treatment is also important. Moisturizer should to be applied frequently and sunblock must be used.


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    Side Effects


    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

    When performing peeling with high concentration (20% or more) of glycolic acid or salicylic acid (10% or more), pigmentation may occur after frosting. Steroid ointment is prescribed in such cases and sometimes, depending on situation, Hydroquinone ointment can also be prescribed. In case of patients with PIH, peeling treatment is not recommended because peeling can cause inflammation and can make PIH worse.



    Scars can occasionally occur after high concentration peeling. When there are concerns about scarring, prescribing DuoDERM or silicone tapes can be helpful.



    It is recommended to preventively administer antibiotics for bacterial infections and anti-viral agents should be prescribed where there are concerns about infection with herpes simplex virus.



    In most cases, erythema disappears within two to three days after treatment, but in some cases it can last for more than a week. It is recommended to use continual soothing care and moisturizers and also apply sunblock. In cases where contact dermatitis occurs, adequate treatment is necessary .


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