• # 1-3. Non-incisional facial-Skintightening for rejuvenation III



    This procedure can be carried out with only a topical anesthetic. The procedure takes about 5 minutes and redness recurs for about 2 days but disappears completely afterwards. Depending on the patient conditions, 2-5 treatments are required with 2 weeks to 1 month of interval between treatments.

    Thinning volume or dulled outline of the facial features can give the face an aged look. Combining micro fat graft of hollowed area can bring a superior outcome. Silhouette lifting can help patients with severely sagging skin.


    Micro fat graft uses patient’s own fat tissues, therefore is safe and brings lasting effect. If the volume is insufficient, a corrective procedure can be performed. Older patients prefer this treatment due to its excellent rejuvenation effect.

    Silhouette lifting is effective in improving sagging cheeks or facial skin and is carried out through a fine incision at the temporal region. Unlike traditional thread lift, corrective procedure is carried out 1 year after the initial treatment for better outcome.


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    Procedures described above are mutually complementary but can also be performed alone. This allows the plastic surgeon to customize the treatment as he sees fit or according to the patient’s needs.

    It is desirable to decide on the details of the treatment by consultation with the patient as some patients have unrealistic expectations or are with contraindications to surgery.

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