• #6-2. Aging and Skin Sagging


    The forehead starts sagging in the lateral side first (Image 2) due to the following reasons; 1) there are less supporting structures lateral to the eyebrows; 2) The corrugator supercilii muscle that originates from the glabella pull down the frontalis muscle which has relatively weaker support; 3) Soft tissues in the temporal fossa descend with age. One can notice this in the elderly people. Their lateral ends of the eyebrows tend to fall lower than the medial ends. The weaker skin around the lateral canthi(angle) of the eyes also contribute to the drooping of the eyebrows. When the skin around the eyes sag with age, surgical removal of excess skin alone is insufficient. Forehead lift should also be combined for an overall rejuvenated outcome.


    Image 2. The lateral ends of the eyebrows droop. This often makes the lateral wrinkles of the eyes (crow’s feet) to deepen.


    In a previous article, we talked about how the younger generation see certain face shapes more attractive. The best selfie can be obtained by holding the camera 15º higher than the face. This makes the upper face and eyes larger and the lower face and mouth smaller (Image 3).


    Image 3. Best selfie degree of the camera. The upper and mid face appear larger and the lower face smaller.


    With age, the upper and mid face lose volume whereas that of the lower face increases. This is the opposite of what we find desirable (Image 4).


    Image 4. Volume change with age; the lower face increases in volume.


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    -To be continued-

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