• #2-1. Proportions of the Face


    Starting with this article, we are going to explore in detailhow the modern aesthetic, scientific and medical standards of beautiful Asian and Caucasian female faces differ from traditional theories.




    Image 1 shows composite or face-morphed frontal and profile images of attractive Caucasian and Asian female faces to be used in analyzing aesthetically desired features of a female face. The attractive Asian female face shown in Image 1 was created from facemorphing the female faces deemed attractive in Korea, China and Japan and was also included in my study Attractive Prototypic Faces1~3. Recently, I have added an attractive Caucasian female face by using the same method of facemorphing Caucasian female faces deemed beautiful in the Western culture.

    The composite facial image was obtained from standardizing measurements using photograph standardizing and relative photogrammetric values were expressed in absolute mathematical units such as mm. These methods are identical to those I have used in my aesthetic analysis of attractive eyes published inAesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as those used by Little and Dodgson.4,5This method uses reference values of a standard units of an attractive face. I used the interpupillary distance (IPD) as a reference as I thought it would vary little across different races. Although biometric literature may report values that slightly differ, I arbitrarily set the IPD value at 63.5mmin Asian and 61.47mm in Caucasians.6, 7 


    Image 1. Composite frontal and profileimages of faces considered attractive by Caucasians and Asians


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    Review of traditional theories on facial proportions


    Traditional theories and definitions of aesthetically ideal facial proportions are discussed below. These theories and concepts are followed as standards by many plastic surgeons, dentists and dermatologists. Each of these antiquated aesthetic concepts need to be reevaluated against the modern ideals of an attractive face.  


    -To be continued

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