• #9-4. Differences in attractive eyes across races and ethnicities II



    Image 6. Lateral palpebral fissure height(mm)


    The lateral height of the palpebral fissure presented in Image 6 showed similar differences. The lateral height of the palpebral fissure in average Koreans was 7.62mm, whereas it was higher in attractive Koreans (8.87mm) and attractive Asians (10.35mm). Attractive Caucasians and Blacks had smaller lateral palpebral fissure by about 0.2-0.4mm compared to their average counterparts. This also showed the opposite trends in the East and West in terms of what is considered attractive features of the eyes. 


    In Asians, the inferior canthoplasty can bring aesthetic improvement, especially by enlarging the medial and lateral palpebral fissure. However, the lateral canthoplasty that can reduce the lateral palpebral fissure height will be more effective in creating attractive eyes. 


    Image 7. Palpebral fissure width (mm)


    Measuring the palpebral fissure width reveals the following facts. The traditional method of measuring the palpebral fissure width (the horizontal length of the eye opening) differs from my method. Traditionally, a parallel line is drawn from the medial canthus. The palpebral fissure width is measured as the distance from the medial canthus to lateral canthus. As shown in Image 7, I hope the readers are aware that the way I measure the palpebral fissure width is different from the traditionally accepted method.


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    The palpebral fissure width is 24.81mm in Average Koreans, whereas it is 26.78mm and 28.1mm in attractive Koreans and attractive Asians, respectively. This shows that attractive faces have a greater palpebral fissure width. In other words, Asians tend to view that eye openings with a greater vertical length to be more beautiful. On the other hand, Caucasians or Blacks showed opposite trends in terms of palpebral fissure width. It was 28.94mm and 31.02mm in average Caucasians and Blacks, respectively, whereas it was 27.45mm and 28.58mm in attractive Caucasians and attractive Blacks, respectively. This shows that Caucasians and Blacks tend to find smaller palpebral fissure width to be more attractive.


    As discussed, Asians, Caucasians and Blacks have widely varying aesthetic preferences. Asians tend to see larger vertical and horizontal length of the eye opening to be more attractive, whereas Caucasians or Blacks find smaller vertical and horizontal length of the eye opening to be more desirable.  




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