• #1-2. Today’s Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening Procedures



    Body sculpting focuses on creating a more attractive figure. This can be achieved through fat removal and cellulite. Excess accumulation of adipocytes is removed to reduce body volume and subcutaneous fat lymph circulation and capillary circulation are improved. Some doctors say reducing adipocytes should be carried out first, whereas some believe cellulite removal should be performed first. I think all would agree that both fat and cellulite should be removed to big satisfactory results.  


    Adipocyte reduction is continued while blood circulation is improved to remove stagnant and fibrosed subcutaneous fat and prevent future fat accumulation. This should be accompanied by continuous dietary control and maintenance of correct postures to avoid recurrence of weight gain. It would be ideal to also carry out aerobic exercise and stretching but it would take tremendous will power and devotion to implement and maintain such efforts over long term. The doctor should be an able helper to alternate between carrot and stick to optimize the outcome.


    In severe obesity, weight control and treatments should precede body sculpting procedure. Mostly, those who are interested in body sculpting have moderate or milder obesity. They want to remove fat from areas such as upper arm, bulge around the bra, back of the neck, flank, lower abdomen, inner and outer thigh, above the knee, and side of the knee, etc. that are persistent to exercise and dieting (Figure 1).

    <Figure 1> Areas treated with non-invasive modalities. Upper arm, bulge around the bra, back of the neck, flank, lower abdomen, inner and outer thigh, above the knee, and side of the knee.


    Removal of excess fat should come first as most patents desire it but for long-term results, the doctor needs to examine the patient’s lifestyle patterns including the dietary habits and body type in order to identify which areas have the most accumulated fat and establish a comprehensive treatment plan. It is advisable to establish a plan for whether to target fat or cellulite, carry out weight loss regimen or skin tightening, etc. before beginning the treatment.


    When the patients presents sagging skin which becomes more noticeable in the middle age, fat reduction alone may be insufficient to bring satisfactory results. Skin tightening procedures should be combined in such cases. The doctor should establish a treatment plan and communicate with the patient to agree on the most suitable plan. Toward the end of the treatment period, the doctor should focus on correcting posture and habits and setting an exercise plan.


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    Various new energy based devices and treatment techniques have become available. Body sculpting and skin tightening procedures are becoming more popular and the demand for them is increasing. These procedures have become more affordable and effective (Table 1).

    <Table 1> Energy Based Devices Following Technology.


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