• #3-2. Body Sculpting Using Pulse Focused Ultrasound(PFU)



    The focus mode delivers powerful energy to the inner tissues and the depth of delivery should be carefully adjusted. Incorrect usage can cause muscle damage or pain but when used correctly, it can bring satisfying results. It is important to be able to select the right type of device, the right patient and treatment area for the extracorporeal shock wave therapy.


    Neoultra is equipped with an automatic guiding system. After selecting the right patient and the treatment design, using the device is convenient and easy. The most ideal patients for Neoultra are those with realistic expectations and have experienced little improvement in depot fat reduction through dieting and exercise. Neoultra can be used in people with Body Mass Index (BMI) status of normal to overweight. It is effective in abdominal or thigh circumference reduction or body contouring. The target area should have at least 1.5 thickness in the pinch test. Patients with unrealistic expectations or who want weight loss are not suitable for this treatment. Particularly, Neoultra is contraindicated in patients with lipid metabolism disorders. Destroyed adipocytes are excreted as triglycerides and are moved to the liver to be consumed for energy production by the body’s natural physiological and metabolic processes. Therefore, patients with abnormal lipid metabolism are unable to metabolize the destroyed adipocytes and may have poor response to treatment. Cell debris that are not metabolized can deposit in other parts of the body.


    Figure 2. Neoultra’s focus modes. Figure credit: Syneron


    Neoultra is equipped with a camera that allows real-time viewing of the treatment area on the monitor. When you set the treatment area on the monitor, it automatically guides the location of the shot. The marker on the top of the transducer is recognized by the camera and shows the location of the shot on the screen. The user can place the shot accordingly and press the button to emit ultrasound and destroy adipocytes. This automatic guiding system helps avoid overlap or skipping certain areas. The transducer gives out only one shot at a time and it takes a long time to treat an extensive area. The new Neoultra raised the energy level from 4Mpa to 7Mpa and offers deeper focus depths of 7mm, 10mm, and 15mm. For each of these three depths, five modes (single, double focus medium, double focus deep, triple focus, and super mode) can be selected depending on individual patient characteristics. This shortens the treatment duration and enhances efficacy. The unique structure of the transducer enables precise adjustment of three focus depths to selectively destroy the target and prevent damage to surrounding tissues. This helps reduce pain and risk of complications.


    Moreover, in late 2014, a smaller transducer called U-sculpt was introduced for treatment of smaller areas such as the inner thigh, and flank, etc. This helps doctors to apply the treatment to a greater number of patients and allows a more customized treatment for Korean women who often seek to remove lower body fat. Neoultra does not cause downtime and patients are able to keep the procedure a secret. The post-treatment discomfort is minimal. Neoultra directly destroys fat tissues and is quite effective in areas with high fat density such as thigh or abdomen in men. However, banding can be combined with Neoultra in postnatal women with soft and sagging tissues for better results. Neoultra takes effect quickly, however, patients need to return to the doctor’s office for repeated treatments. It is also time-consuming as the pre-treatment and treatment take a long time. Latest upgrades are trying to improve upon these disadvantages. I believe Neoultra is a good choice due to innovative technology, ability to choose from various modes and convenience for patients.


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