• #4-2. A Case of Treatment for Side Effects of Calf Muscle Resection


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    Calf Muscle Deformity and Asymmetry


    Nowadays not only many women but many men are receiving cosmetic contouring surgeries. If the calf muscle is so excessively developed that the calves are abnormally thick, calf muscle reduction is usually suggested as a method to reduce the calf size. In this issue, a case of treatment for calf muscle deformity, contracture, and asymmetry occurring after calf resection, as a type of calf reduction, is introduced.



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    A 35-year-old man underwent a calf reduction procedure by calf nerve blocking to treat calf hypertrophy a total of three times at an interval of 6 months starting from 2015 at a hospital but eventually failed to treat calf hypertrophy. After receiving a medial gastrocnemius muscle resection in the calves twice at another hospital in 2016, he complained of calf muscles’ deformity and bilateral asymmetry.


    In addition, as muscle contracture and shortening of the right calf appeared, it became difficult for the back of his foot to reach the ground. As a result, he had difficulty in walking. Particularly, a serious problem arose in walking up and down stairs. Thus, the patient visited my hospital to treat these post-procedural side effects.


    According to pre-reconstructive surgery examination of patient status, gastrocnemius contracture appeared in the right calf after gastrocnemius muscle resection, which led to dimpling, and soleus muscle hypertrophy was observed as a compensatory muscle development. In addition, muscle contracture was so serious that he could not make the back of his right foot touch the ground and had difficulty in walking.


    When it comes to the left calf, there were muscle contracture and dimpling surrounding muscles following the gastrocnemius muscle resection, and a compensatory hypertrophy was observed in the upper layer of medial gastrocnemius muscles. 


    figure 1. calf muscle anatomy. 


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