• #5-1. A Case of Treatment for Side Effects of Arm Liposuction


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    Why does Arm Liposuction Fail, though the Arm is a Good Candidate for a Liposuction?


    In this issue, how bumpy skin and fibrous adhesions, which occurred as side effects of arm liposuction, were treated is dealt with. Why do unfavorable outcomes appear following arm liposuction? For many reasons, failed arm liposuction often leads to a revision surgery.


    In my long experience in performing liposuction revision surgeries from 2004, it is concluded that inexperienced liposuction surgeons tend to see the arm as an area from which fat can be removed easily, among particular area of the body.



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    The arms consist of round cylindrical tissues and have many fibrous tissues in the aspect of anatomical structure. The outer part of the arm and shoulder is a thick and hard skin, which makes it difficult to suck fat out, whereas the skin of the inner arm is thin and has soft fat, which is a relatively good condition for fat sucking. In particular, the back of the arm with the most amount of fat is the area that can be more easily treated by liposuction.



    Figure 1.  arm liposuction.



    Therefore, a success in liposuction calls for the surgeon’s sufficient understanding of human body’s anatomical structure and skilled technique for a gentle suction of fat from the back of the arms, with particularly a lot of fat, from which fat can be sucked out with relative ease compared to other areas.


    In addition, it is important to keep a good balance of the amount of fat between the shoulder line and the inner arm line when fat is sucked.


    However, arm liposuction is often deemed to be easy among inexperienced doctors because the arm area has soft fat and fat sucking from it is not difficult, but lack of precision is highly likely to result in a failure in arm liposuction. In this case, fibrous adhesions may lead to hard, bumpy skin. 



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