• #5-2. A Case of Treatment for Side Effects of Arm Liposuction


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    Types of Side Effects Specific to Arm Liposuction

    Various types of side effects specific to arm liposuction are largely divided into two. Among arm areas, only the lower arm line is easily available for liposuction. The shoulder line, armpit line, and so-called bra line that connects the arm and the back are the areas from which fat is difficult to be sucked.


    Therefore, there have been some cases where fat is excessively removed from only the lower line of the arms, resulting in skin dimpling and adhesions, which is the first type of liposuction side effects.


    Second, post-liposuction hard, bumpy skin surface mainly results from excessive fat removal from the arm areas under which fat sucking is difficult, especially the shoulder line.



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    A 35-year-old woman of <Fig 1> complained of hard and bumpy appearance of the skin ranging from the back of the arm to the side of the shoulder after receiving arm liposuction, and as a result of a revision surgery from me, the adverse skin reaction was eventually recovered.


    Figure 1. The pre-revision surgery skin appearance is characterized by bumpiness, dimpling, and adhesions.



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