• #5-3. A Case of Treatment for Side Effects of Arm Liposuction


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    As shown in Figure 1, an excessive suction under the skin from the lower line of the right arm to the shoulder line resulted in adhesions and dimpling with bumpy appearance of the skin ranging from the back of the arm to the side of the shoulder.


    The pre-revision surgery skin analysis using diagnostic ultrasound revealed that fat was absent and the fibrous tissues building up adhesions on the muscle fascia stretched widely in the form of board with 4mm in thickness.



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    Unfortunately, the female patient who underwent the surgical procedure at a famous liposuction hospital located in Gangnam, Seoul, suffered from pain just after liposuction and failed to get to sleep for almost a month because of the continued pain.


    In addition to that, she actually received the procedure from another doctor (surrogate doctor) on the date of surgery, instead of the very doctor whom she consulted, which is seen as a very dishonorable way of proceeding in my position as a doctor.


    Thus, the patient had a very hard time with persistent pain and irregular shape of the arm.


    For the treatment of such adverse effects, it is not enough only to remove adhesions by treating hardened tissues. It is also necessary to transplant fat mixed with stem cells into the skin area under which fat is absent and the fibrous tissues build up adhesions on the muscle fascia.


    In this case, 100cc of fat was sucked from the thigh, and 400cc was additionally sucked. Then, 200cc of fat was refined for transplant and then mixed with stem cells.


    Subsequently, 120cc and 80cc of the fat mixed with stem cells were transplanted into the right side and the left side of the arm, respectively.



    Figure 1. The pre-revision surgery skin appearance is characterized by bumpiness, dimpling, and adhesions.



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