• #6-4. A Case of Treatment for a Side Effect of Facial Liposuction



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    <Figure 1> shows the completion of engraftment 5 months after the primary fat grafting.


    While the before picture shows clear dimpled cheek lines, the after picture points out that the cheek lines have been well restored 5 months after the procedure, though the patient lost weight up to 1.5kg.


    The result of the secondary fat grafting is shown in <Figure 2>.


    The before and after pictures of her side face also show that the patient has well recovered from the side effect.



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    This treatment case indicates that the areas with tissue adhesion and skin dimpling due to excessive liposuction can be fully restored through stem cells and fat grafting.


    How it is important to master fat sucking techniques and consequently ensure the prevention of any side effect cannot be stressed enough, and it would be the best way for both surgeons and patients.


    Although fillers can also be injected into a dimpled area to restore it, this is not a permanent procedure, which requires repeated filler injection at a two-year interval.


    In addition, filler procedures do not achieve as natural volume and shape as fat grafting.


    Therefore, it is recommended to correct dimpled areas through the fat grafting necessarily mixed with stem cells.


    The next issue will also deal with another cosmetic procedure using stem cells. 



    Figure 1(Left). Before fat grafting into the facial areas dimpled due to cheek liposuction (above), 5 months after the fat grafting (below)


    Figure 2(right). Before the secondary fat grafting (above), 5 months after the fat grafting (below)  




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