• #1-2. Obtaining adipocytes andadipocyte-derivedstem cells


    Graft of adipocytes and adipose-derivedstem cells

    Klein’s tumescent anesthesia allows harvesting of adipocyteswhich naturally led to development of adipocyte graft. In 1986, following the iatrogenic liposuction deformities of Coleman liposuction, adipocytes harvested along with the tumescentsolution were refined through centrifuge removal oftumescent. Adipocytes obtained this way were used in successful fat transplantation. Subsequently, aesthetic facial fat graft was carried out. In 1988, Coleman presented his clinical experiences at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting held in San Francisco3. In Korea, Colman fat graft technique began to be used in 1990. By 2000, the Coleman fat graft became a standard method in Korea as well as in the world.

    To facilitate harvest and refinement of adipocytes, a fat transferring device called Lipotrans (Medi Futures; later changed name toLipokit) was developed, contributing to further development in this field. Also, using collagenase, or ultrasound (Ultra Stemcell, medi futures, takes 15 minutes), adipose-derivedstem cells that were harvested along with fat tissues were separated fromadipocytes. This allowed transplantation of adipocytes andadipose-derivedstem cellswith greater convenience.


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    Since 2004, I have been using Lipokit and the tumescent method to safety and conveniently harvest adipocytes for fat transplant, as well as various other clinical procedures. Starting in 2008, I have been applying adipocyte-derivedstem cellsin many clinical fields (I will cover this in greater detail in following articles).


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