• #2-1. Tumescent liposuction technique for harvesting adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells for autologous fat transfer I


    The importance of tumescent liposuction in harvesting adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells


    In the previous article, we took a brief look at the history of harvesting adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells. In the 2000s, liposuction and fat graft became popular in the field of aesthetic medicine. Many plastic surgeons harvest small amounts of fat through tumescent liposuction and use it in autologous fat transfer. This tumescent liposuction procedure earned the nickname “mini-liposuction.”


    However, inexperienced surgeons without sufficient theoretical knowledge and skills may underestimate the complexity of the procedure and perform manual suction assisted liposuction (SAL) followed by tumescent solution injection for harvesting adipocytes.


    Image 1. Mini fat aspiration equipment for extracting adipocytes. 


    As someone who has treated complications of lipoplasty for over 13 years, I think such an approach can cause various serious complications. I see many patients who visit me for treating scars or complications arising from tumescent liposuction procedures performed for harvesting adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells. I see many cases of serious complications such as dimples, dermal irregularities, and dermal-fascia adhesion (occurs when excess subcutaneous fat is removed, causing the skin and fascia to adhere) that require a restoration with stem cell fat transfer.


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    It is crucial to have accurate knowledge of the manual adipocyte harvesting techniques to lower the risk of complications. I often see inexperienced doctors get discouraged from trying adipocyte graft or adipose-derived stem cell graft after being scared by complications.


    I would like to share my knowhow on safe and effective tumescent liposuction for harvesting small amounts of adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells. Currently, I run a training program for doctors on basic surgical techniques. 


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