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    Due to these properties, AGE cannot be measured with conventional blood tests and is tested using ultraviolet light.


    These tests have not exhibited a diagnostic value until now because they are completely out of the framework of the existing medical tests, and as optical technology gradually develops, new diagnostic technologies are created, and it is expected that interest in AGE will gradually increase in the future.



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    High Heat Reaction


    Usually, AGE is generated when sugar is cooked with protein at temperatures above 120℃.


    Especially, if it is cooked in the absence of water, AGE is more likely to generate. When we eat food in this state, macrophages react first in the immune system, triggering an inflammatory reaction.


    It is generally known that AGE doubles when the temperature increases by 10℃.


    Usually, AGE generation takes 4 weeks at 20°C, 3 hours at 100°C, and 5 minutes at 150°C.


    In other words, foods eaten by boiling such as rice or soup produce less AGE, whereas foods eaten by roasting or frying are more likely to cause AGE.


    So, it is said that the cereal that we enjoy eating for breakfast has 200 times higher AGE than rice.


    Moreover, milk powder contains 70 times more AGE than breast milk.  


    Also, it should be noted that intermediate products are produced when AGE is generated during the cooking process, of which acrylamide is known to be carcinogenic and amyloid to be a dementia-causing substance.



    Figure 3. Reactive Carbonyl Formation Process



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