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    When heat is applied to bread or meat, it turns brown and hardens. This is called browning. Browned foods promote glycation.


    Therefore, eating browned bread or cookies with browned meat increases AGE production.


    Fructose has 10 times higher sugar activity than glucose.




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    Thus, fructose is more prone to glycation.


    Therefore, it is better to reduce the intake of fructose, and vegetables are recommended rather than fruits when supplying vitamins or minerals through plants.


    Glycation Reaction


    To know the glycation reaction, one must know the term carbonyl in its chemical structure.


    Carbonyl is a structure in which carbon and oxygen are double bonded.


    It exists in many structural formulas.


    Aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, and amides that we are familiar with all have carbonyl groups (Figure 2).


    The glycation reaction mainly consists of a schiff’s base between the carbonyl group of the sugar and the amino group of the protein.


    In particular, it is known that fructose or glucose molecules bind well to lysine or arginine among amino acids. 


    When the protein is glycated in this way, the original function of the protein is lost. 








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