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    This glycated protein passes through several stages of denaturation (amadori products) and finally becomes a glycoprotein that is no longer changed, which is called an advanced glycation end product (AGE).


    Of course, in addition to proteins, lipids or nucleic acids are also combined with sugars to make AGEs called glycated lipids or glycated nucleic acids.


    It is called the Maillard reaction (1953) named after the French biochemist who discovered this reaction.



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    The glycated hemoglobin that we are already using for diagnosing diabetes is amadori products, an intermediate product of the Maillard reaction.


    Generally, schiff’s base status stays for several hours to several days, and the amadori product stage stays for weeks to months.


    Oxidation Reaction


    Oxidation reaction, like active oxygen reaction, is a process in which carbonyl groups such as glucose, fructose, lipids, and proteins, which are products of carbohydrates, are activated to form reactive carbonyls.


    Through this process, AGE is quickly generated (Figure 3).


    The formation of AGE by oxidation reactions can occur by various causes such as stress, lack of sleep, and the environment.


    In the next issue, I will explain the effects of AGE on the skin and human body and its management.



    REDOX reactions. 




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