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    Cross-linking reactions are related to binding of AGEs to proteins followed by physical alterations in array structure of proteins.


    One example of cross-links is the transformation of collagen structures contributing to deep wrinkles (Figure 4).


    Such cross-linking reactions not only increase wrinkles but cause protein dysfunction by physically changing the intrinsic properties of proteins.



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    In particular, cross-linking of immunoglobulin may induce abnormal immune reactions (Figure 5).


    In conclusion, AGEs are a reason for complications of diabetes and are particularly known to be directly involved in vascular complications of diabetes.


    Additionally, AGEs are associated with early microvascular complications of juvenile diabetes, suggesting that early management of glycation is of considerable significance.


    AGEs are also known to aggravate hepatic functions, potentiate the progression and exacerbation of cancers, and act on the reduction of survival in the elderly.



    Figure 2. Biological changes induced by AGE-receptor reactions (Source: Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) in Food: Focusing on Mediterranean Pasta. Abate G, et al., J Nutr Food Sci 2015, 5:6). 



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