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    In this article, I’d like to introduce a slightly different area in clinical nutrition medicine, for I’m sure that the doctors who read D&PS are more active in accepting new areas.


    What I’d introduce is ectoin, a substance that has not been well-known in Korea.


    Because the substance is expected to receive attention as a next-generation cosmetic material in relation to cosmetic medicine, I will focus on its effects of skin protection.




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    Ectoin is an ingredient developed by Bitop (Germany).


    It protects not only the skin and but also the nasal and respiratory mucosa.


    It is also developed as a medicine in Germany because of its effects on alleviating dry eyes.


    Ectoin has already been imported and sold in Korea as a cosmetic ingredient.


    The ectoin products sold on the Internet are low-concentration creams with 1% and 2% of ectoin, while the ectoin skin creams exclusively for hospitals and clinics are high-concentration ones with 7% and 3.5% of ectoin, products that can be used to protect the skin and recover from skin illnesses (see Figure 1).



    Figure 1. Skin creams exclusively for hospitals and clinics with 3.5% and 7% ectoin.




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