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    Ectoin, one of the cyclic amino acids (cyclic AA), has a remarkable binding force to moisture.


    It has stable pH from 1 to 9 and do not degenerate even at 190°C for 6 hours. Its functions maintain for around 4 years.


    Ectoin forms ectoin-hydro complex to protect protein. When there is only protein, it has a water layer around it that is loose.


    However, when ectoin is present, ectoin forms a material mixed with moisture, developing a protective film containing a number of water molecules around the protein.



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    When the properties of ectoin are applied to the epidermis, skin damage can be prevented by reducing the secretion of secondary stimulus control substances such as ceramides or inflammatory substances against external stimuli including UV rays (see Figure 7).


    In the next issue I’d describe the clinical effects of and how to use ectoin.



    Figure 4. Helicobacter pylori, one of the G(-) germs, surviving in the acidic environment of the stomach (Source: Science Picture Co/Subjects/Getty Images).


    Figure 5. Mechanism of protein protection of extremolytes (Source: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. October 2006, Volume 72, Issue 4, pp 623–634).


    Figure 6. Ectoin-hydro complex(http://www.ectoin.net/index.php/EN/wirkweise/). 


    Figure 7. The skin protection mechanism of ectoin (http://www.ectoin.net/index.php/EN/wirkweise/).



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