• #13-3. Non-ablative Fractional Lasers



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    In particular, the indications for melasma was approved by the US FDA (Table 1).


    Parameters are applied differently depending on patient's skin condition and lesion.


    In general, 20mJ pulse energy is considered effective in improving skin color and tone, and in this case, percent coverage is recommended to be raised.



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    As for telangiectasis, pores, fine wrinkles, and skin texture, effective pulse energy is 30mJ or over, and percent coverage of 10% causes fewer side effects and no burden of repetitive procedures for improvement.


    Meanwhile, 10 to 20mJ is indicated to treat flush and redness around acne lesions.


    The severer the redness is, the lower the pulse energy to be used should be.


    In this case, percent coverage of about 15% is effective as it ensures relatively shorter recovery time and fewer side effects.


    Usually, 10 to 20mJ is also indicated to treat acne or inflammatory acne, and 30mJ is indicated to intensively treat the skin areas with a lot of acne.


    However, it should be noted that inflammatory acne may become serious after the first procedure before the initiation of this procedure.



    Figure 3. Penetration depth of 1550nm wavelength Fractional Laser according to pulse energy(sourse: Human skin and depth of penetration of the Fraxel Laser with corresponding energy setting. Courtesy of Reliant Technologies, Inc., Mointain View, CA). 




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