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    Acne redness is corresponding to a proliferative phase during the wound healing process.


    So the blood flow is rich in the wound tissue.


    When tissues are inflamed or wounded, oxygen saturation decreases, and angiogenesis progresses by angiogenic factors produced by macrophage, which increases blood flow in the wound.


    As a result, many wound healing factors are supplied, and the wound is healed.


    After the wound has healed, the new blood vessels that have fulfilled their role disappear naturally through the process of apoptosis, which usually takes more than 3 months.



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    In this case, starting treatment with a genesis technique (0.3ms pulse duration, 10mm spot size, 9J/cm2) using a long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser not only improves skin tone and fine lines, but also quickly improves acne redness.


    The mechanism of the genesis technique is as follows.


    The irradiated laser is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and then converted to met-hemoglobin with high absorbance, resulting in more heat as the laser absorption rate increases.


    As this heat increases the temperature around the blood vessels, thermal stimulation and damage to the surrounding tissues occur continuously.


    This reduces capillaries in the skin and induces wound healing effects. 



    Figure 9. Mechanism of acne formation has 4 stages(pathophysiology).



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