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    Hair removal is usually recommended 5 or more times at intervals of 4 weeks or more, because of the hair growth cycle (Figure 5). 


    The hair growth cycle consists of the growing stage (3~5 years), degenerating stage (4 weeks), and resting stage (3~4 months).


    The hair affected during hair removal is the hair in the growing stage.



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    The hair in the degenerating and resting stages is not affected by laser at all, and the duration is about 4 months.


    Eventually, when the epilation procedure is completed within 4 months, the hair that comes into the resting stage and then comes out may become in a state where it has never been irradiated with a laser, thus the epilation rate or effect will be reduced.


    Therefore, in order to receive laser irradiation after the hair roots, which have entered the degenerating or resting stage, are converted into live organs, the interval of the treatment must be at least 4 weeks.


    This will allow the laser to be irradiated when the hair roots that have entered the degenerating stage at the beginning of hair removal have returned to the growing stage after 4 months.



    Figure 5. Cycle of hair growth.



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