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    The main indications of Long-pulsed Alexandrite Laser include the treatment of freckles, lentigo (lentigo simplex, solar lentigo), liver spots, melasma, flat warts, and small warts in the epidermis; and the treatment of junctional nevus, intradermal nevus, and congenital melanocytic hairy nevus between the epidermis and the dermal layers.


    When it comes to freckles, freckles are effectively removed even by IPL, Q-switched 532nm Laser, Ruby Laser, etc.



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    In the case of IPL, however, there may be cases where pale-colored freckles are not effectively removed due to its weak chromophore even though they can show a post-procedural relapse.


    Q-switched 532nm Laser or Ruby Laser can remove freckles very effectively but entails the inconvenience of having to adjust parameters for each of lesions.


    In addition, the high fluence frequently causes side effects such as hypopigmentation.


    However, when the entire face is treated using the Long-pulsed Alexandrite Laser with the parameters of pulse duration at 1ms, spot size at 10mm, fluence at 10~15J/cm2, and pre & post-cooling, even only one-time treatment can create a very clean, bright skin by lightening freckles, brightening overall skin tone, and removing fine hairs.


    The same is true of lentigo.


    Lentigo can be effectively treated using the Long-pulsed Alexandrite Laser with the similar parameters, but the pale-colored lentigo may not be effectively treated because of its weak chromophore.


    In such a case, after checking if pigment lesions react to laser and then turn ash-gray after 2-pass irradiation as a whole, the lesions revealed to be unchanged can be effectively removed if irradiated again with the parameters of pulse duration at 0.3ms, spot size at 3mm, fluence at 20~45J/cm2, and pre & post-cooling. 






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