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    Since age spots have larger lesions, the laser should be irradiated repeatedly several times.


    In this case, if the color of the age spots changes to ash gray or the lesions are swollen overall, the treatment can be stopped.


    It is better to explain that thick age spots may not be removed with a single treatment, and proceed not excessively.



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    Sometimes, if too much energy is applied, the lesion that has been laser irradiated can become blister, so it is necessary to explain it before or during the treatment.


    In acne patients, photodynamic therapy is often used to quickly improve acne and reduce recurrence rates.


    Photodynamic therapy uses porphyrin or protoporphyrin as a chromophore to generate active oxygen in the sebaceous glands, reducing sebum secretion, and also reducing propionibacterium acnes and inflammation.


    The absorbance for porphyrin is highest at 420nm wavelength, but it does not affect the sebaceous glands due to its short wavelength.




    Figure 4. Chromophore (melanin) of 511nm wavelength.




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