• #17-6. IPL(Intense Pulsed Light)



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    Despite a slight difference depending on skin type or darkness level of pigments, the first-line treatment involves cut-off filter of 560nm, pulse duration of 2ms, and fluence of 10J/cm2.


    The end point is set as the color of the pigment lesion turning into ash gray; the redness appearing around it; and the skin tone getting brighter or with a tiny bit of red.


    Two weeks after the procedure, the degree of skin brightening and the degree of pigment lesion removal are checked, and whether to additionally remove the pigment lesion or proceed to treat is determined to go on to the second-line treatment.



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    The followings are the advantages of the phased therapy approach of gradually alternating parameters as the skin color becomes brighter.


    First, patient satisfaction can be raised with the improvement in pigment lesions.


    Second, the risk of side effects such as PIH, folliculitis, erythema, and burns can be lowered by carefully applying treatment parameters.


    Third, aged skin-associated troubles such as loose skin and fine lines are additionally treated when going through three or more repetitive procedures.


    Accordingly, with respect to IPL treatment, I find it better to recommend patients to receive a therapy package for three or more procedures instead of one-time therapy in order to produce a safer, more effective therapeutic results, thereby increasing patient satisfaction and gaining the recognition of the clinic.







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