• #6-2. Dermal melanocytic lesions


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    ABNOM(Acquired Bilateral Nevus of Ota like Maclues)


    ABNOM can be acquired mainly in forehead, temple, eyelid, and nose in women after their 20s. Bluish brown or gray brown spots appearsymmetrically.


    The pigmented spot does not appear in the ocular sclera and oral mucosa. Histologically, melanocytes are scattered in the dermis, similar to Ota nevus, but melanin is distributed more in the upper dermis.


    Similarly to Ota nevus, it can be treated by using 1064nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, Q-switched Ruby laser, Q-switched Alexandrite laser, and 1064nm picosecond laser.


    ABNOMcan also be treated by repetitive high fluence laser toning or focus toning to improve gradually with no or little disruption in daily life by reducing the duration of recovery.


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    Ito Nevus 


    Ito nevus is a blue spot developing in shoulders, neck, upper collarbone, and upper limbs, where posterior supraclavicular nerve and lateral cutaneous brachial nerveare distributed.


    It has the same clinical and histological findings as Ota nevus, except that it occurs on the body, not on the face. Treatment is also the same as Ota nevus.


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