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    Since 2002, when Sulamanidze et al. first published a study on a face lift using suture materials, thread lift or anti-aging lifting procedures have gone through significant improvement. In Korea, in particular, many new and effective techniques of lifting the skin and improving elasticity continue to be developed. In this new series, Dr. Yong-Hang Lee, President of Korean Academy of Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Medicine, will share with our readers his insights into the mechanism of action and techniques of thread lift. 



    technology can effectively rejuvenate our physical appearance and boost up our confidence. Medical technology of rejuvenation continues to advance. Among many new techniques and procedures, those that allow quick recovery and immediate return to daily life are preferred. The best treatment would be safe, with no down time and free from sequelae, complications, edema or bruising. It is important to select the right treatment for each patient’s needs.


    Pro Lifting is a new procedure that provides quick and noticeable results that last long-term. It can be used to improve the overall facial outline by correcting drooping cheeks and jawline. It is particularly popular in women in their 30s and 40s that want effective wrinkle removal and facial rejuvenation.


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    Optimal choice for facial rejuvenation

    Compared to traditional thread lift treatments, Pro Lifting brings superior tightening of facial outline, stronger anchoring and more effective lifting in a shorter amount of time. One treatment has lasting effects (3-5 years). It also allows immediate return to normal activities. It is the fifth generation lifting procedure with a two-step technique. It is a non-incision MACS lifting that brings noticeable rejuvenation with only one treatment. It uses the safe polypropylenemono filament thread, which was approved by MFDS. The four-directional cogs provide precise and deep anchoring and a stronger pull that lasts long-term.


    Image 1. Pro lifting by Dr. Lee.


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