• #1-2. Face Lift That Takes Years Off Your Face



    In Step 1 lifting(Image 1), a puncture is made 3 cm posterior and 3 cm superior from the sideburn hairline to temple and the bidirectional cogged thread is placed at the SMAS layer along the line connecting the mouth corner and mandibular angle.


    Image 1



    A puncture is made 1 cm and 3 cm anterior to the helix. Anchor the U-shaped thread using the temporal needle to puncture through the deep temporal fascia. Place the thread in the SMAS along the line connecting the mouth corner to mandibular angle. Give a maximal pull on the thread through the skin for lifting and cut the exposed thread.


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    Super Smart Lifting

    Super Smart Lifting is a new and effective minimal-incision face lift. Under general anesthesia, a special anesthetic solution is subcutaneously injected in the face. As shown in Image 3, a minimal incision is made along the temporal hairline anterior to the auricle and the skin flap is separated. The SMAS is resected and the lower fascia is pulled posteriosuperiorly to anchor onto the upper fascia. Then, as shown in Image 3, at the temporal hairline, anchor the U-shaped cogged thread onto the deep temporal fascia. Exit the thread in the direction of the jawline and nasolabial fold and pull the thread to remove the remaining exposed thread. Pull and resect the residual skin and suture up the incision. This is a quick and safe procedure that allows a fast return to daily activities(Image 2).


    Image 2


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