• #2-1. Minimal Invasive Body Contouring


    Many people desire a slim body and try various methods to achieve an ideal body shape. Different diets fall in and out of popularity and anorexia is becoming more prevalent. In the summer, especially, more people go on diet to sport the revealing summer clothes. It is important to first practice self-restraint and self-control to slim down. Healthy diet is also very important. Rather than starving oneself, regular and balanced meals make a healthy diet regimen. The doctor should encourage patients to maintain self-control and provide a healthy dietary plan.

    Exercise should also be emphasized. An exercise plan should be balanced between aerobic and anaerobic and should be consistent. As simple as a short daily stretching session before going to bed can enhance one’s health. Patients should be advised to take sufficient rest and avoid stress.


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    Various methods of body contouring


    A little effort practiced each day can go very far. However, more and more patients give up their efforts and visit a doctor for better slimming results. They complain that it is very difficult to maintain self-control. Medication or injection, etc. as well as various other treatments and care programs offer benefit to these patients. There are other patients who do not gain any benefits despite continued effort. Sometimes they feel dejected and fall deeper into their previous bad habits. Psychological problems can also arise here. Body contouring can help prevent the patient from spiral out of control as well as avoid psychological damage by restoring lost confidence.  

    In the past, body contouring involved liposuction or fat reduction using negative pressure. Various other modalities including the ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser and water, etc. have been developed since. Nonsurgical methods such as laser, radiofrequency, and cryotherapy, etc. are becoming popular. The ideal fat removal method can be chosen based on sufficient analysis of each patient’s conditions and needs. Patient needs vary from thin skin with low level of fat, postnatal sagging, to severe obesity, etc. and each requires a different type of surgery. Each method has unique advantages and disadvantages. The treatment method should be selected not based on patient’s knowledge but sufficient consultation with the plastic surgeon. It is imperative to check in advance whether treatment is indicated for the patient and that the patient has no problems regarding anesthesia. The patient needs to understand requirements before and after the surgery before making a decision.



    Before surgery

    1 week after surgery

    3 months after


    Image 1. Before and after fat removal surgery.


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