• #3-2. Rejuvenation procedures using minimally invasive methods


    Image 3. Principle of radio frequency.


    Image 4. Before and after radiofequency firm 5 treatments


    Fat graft and PRP are important techniques of creating a youthful appearance. The patient’s autologous adipocytes are used to correct sagging or hollowed areas to create a fuller appearance. After engraftment, stable outcome can be achieved and only three procedures can bring satisfactory results.

    Lastly, procedures for improving the skin are very important for youthful and attractive looks. Laser toning combined with transdermal delivery are the most widely used method. Laser toning is a proven method for skin whitening with a wealth of clinical experience and is effective in pigmented lesions such as melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation, as well as wrinkles, pores and sagging skin, etc. A vitamin facial can be accompanied for post-laser care and good results can be obtained from combining ExcellDerm Pro.


    Image 5. Skin treatment using ExcellDerm Pro.


    ExcellDerm Pro uses the NTUR (Non Themogenic Unipolar Radiofrequency) technology to enable permeability of efficacious substances through cell membranes. It opens up the protein channels of the cell membranes so that the intracellular micro pores can absorb efficacious substances better. The most effective way of infiltrating the skin barrier is to remove the keratin and applying the efficacious substances. Sixty-one beneficial substances including HA can be effectively delivered to the dermis using this technique.

    The growing interest in ExcellDerm Pro is due to its safety and lack of side effects. Severe side effects of plastic surgery have even become a social issue and a technique with excellent safety is much awaited good news for the doctor as well as patient.


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    ExcellDerm Pro promotes collagenesis, leading to rapid moisturization and regeneration of the skin. The treatment is painless and patients can return to daily activities in no time. However, using the sauna or hot tub should be avoided for 1-2 days after treatment and diligent use of the sunblock can enhance the effects.


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